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The 2014 iGaming North America Conference has just had the fantastic announcement that they will have a partnership with the American Gaming Association, which will allow them a strategic marketing partner as well as allowing them to add more speakers to the event which will be of interest to those who are attending. If you enjoy the idea of an online Vegas casino and would like to see that concept spread across the rest of the US, then it will certainly be important to attend and find out what the general feeling across the country is, as plenty of strong views are sure to be aired here.

They have confirmed in their recent announcement that the president and Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, will be speaking at the conference, along with also moderating the CEO panel, where industry leaders will be discussing the idea of Internet gambling in North America. Michael Caselli, Editor-in-chief of iGaming Business, one of the event partners, commented on the partnership saying: “The AGA is and always has been an important force in the development of gaming across the United States. If iGaming is going to develop at the pace that the players and the industry expects, the AGA is going to have to be involved in that process”. The American Gaming Association was formed in 1995, and takes care of the interests of the casino and gambling industry in North America. They carry out research in industry trends, they help gaming companies to implement responsible gaming programs, and they also promote pro-gaming interests in Capitol Hill, and so they have always been and will no doubt continue to be a caretaker for the North American online gambling industry, acting on behalf of those who wish to operate within it.

As for the iGaming North America conference, this will be the fourth year in which the event has taken place, which aims to bring land-based gambling businesses in North America closer to the Internet gambling industry across the world. The event is already scheduled to take place from March 19 to the twenty-first next year in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, so if you are looking to attend you should be sure to take a look at the schedule there and also arrange travel and ticket considerations ahead of time. We will be sure to bring you any more news that we hear about this upcoming event as and when it is announced, including who else will be speaking there and what kind of subjects will be discussed. In the meantime, there are plenty of other conferences and exposition is taking place throughout 2014 in both America and other parts of the world if you want to know more about Internet gambling in general and get to hear from some of the important speakers who are involved with its development and who are pushing to spread it much further than it already reaches.

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