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We always like to clue our readers in on the best welcome deals out there, so that you can get the best chance to sign up and claim a huge amount of free cash to play with. This week we have found another gem for you to enjoy, as we take a look at what is on offer with the EUCasino online for new players who have just joined up for the very first time. The welcome package here is quite generous, as you will see; it can perhaps give you as much as €5250 in free cash if you accept the full amount.

It starts off with your first deposit, as most welcome offers are wont to do. This time you will get a one hundred per cent bonus of up to €1000, which is very generous indeed and will give you the chance to really start off with a lot of great free bets. You can try out all of the games which are available on the site with this initial bankroll, which will give you €2000 at a price of just €1000 to yourself. Of course, if you do not want to put down that much, then you can also put down a little less; perhaps you could make a deposit of €100 and that would give you €200 in your bankroll to play with. You just have to make sure that you include the bonus code EU1000 if you want to claim it when you are making that deposit! Plus, your first deposit is not the only one which is available to give you a bonus; you could also get a bonus of one hundred per cent of up to €500 on your second deposit, just by putting down the bonus code EU500. Make sure that you remember all of the bonus codes, as if you do not enter them you will not be eligible to claim them!

Then on your third deposit the bonus just keeps on coming. This time you can claim a huge one hundred and fifty per cent bonus of up to €750, which of course can be claimed through the bonus code EU750. Then on your fourth deposit it carries on yet again, with a one hundred per cent bonus again which goes to the highest value yet, of €1500. This code is EU1500, and it will keep that free cash amount adding up and up so that you are never short of a free credit or two. The fifth deposit bonus can give you the same amount of free cash for the one hundred and fifty per cent match, which can be claimed by putting in the bonus code 2EU1500, giving you the chance to maximise your free cash potential. By the end of all of this you will have a huge amount of free bets available, so make sure that you read the terms and conditions and then give it a go as soon as possible!

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