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American Roulette

American Roulette

There are of course many different versions of American Roulette games that you can find across the internet, but in order to focus on one that is a good example of the game done well we will look at the one produced by The Art of Games. Of course, you can expect the rules in this version to be exactly the same as they would be in any other version of the same format, because roulette is quite an old game with a well established play style and set of rules that are always the same no matter where you play it.

The great thing about the way that The Art of Games in particular present their American Roulette game is the fact that it looks almost like you are at a real roulette table. When you go to place your bets, you will find the betting table laid out in front of you just as it would be in a real casino, and you can see some great elements such as the wheel spinning idly off in the background, piles of chips near to it so that the dealer can easily access them, the long stick which is used to pull in bets and collect chips when the bet has lost, a sign which tells you the minimum and maximum bets, ropes cordoning off your area in the background so that you can see you are in an exclusive part of the casino, chairs at which you might sit down if you want to play in comfort, and the edge of the table where there is space for you to put down your chips in order to place your bets.

Once you press spin you will be taken over to the roulette wheel, where the ball will be dropped onto it and will spin around lazily until finally it drops into one of the segments around the wheel and you find out whether you have won or not, with the wheel represented very faithfully and the motion of the ball done in a realistic way. This allows you to get into the game much more easily, as you would be able to if you were in a land based casino, and it also allows the atmosphere to build up much better and give you a fantastic game to enjoy with all of the excitement that you would expect.

So where can you find American Roulette? Firstly there is of course Online Vegas Casino who offer both variants. There is also an extra little feature for this version of American Roulette, which you can see in the top right hand corner of the game screen: you will see a display which tells you about the hot and cold numbers of the day, as well as listing all of your most recent results so that you can see what has happened on your last few spins; there is also a statistics panel showing you how many times recently the ball has landed on odds, evens, reds, blacks, and even greens and zeros, so that you know the score.

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