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Gold Rush slot

Gold Rush slot

If you have not come across the Gold Rush slot machine game by The Art of Games before, you will love trying it out as it has some great features as well as exceptional artwork that seriously looks fantastic. The great thing about this slot game is the way that it is presented more than anything, as you really have a depth to the gaming environment which allows you to get into the storyline and the game itself a bit more rather than just being a blank or flat background with little interest to it.

The great set up to the Gold Rush game really allows you to appreciate it more, and this starts with the appearance of the game itself. It looks as though you are standing at the entrance to the gold mine, with rough rock all around you and a wooden sign with gold lettering above the entrance so that you can see where you are. There are wooden details around the rest of this area too, as well as lanterns hanging on the walls so that you can see what you are looking at, and there is even a rail track laid down underneath the reels to indicate the area where a cart would go in and out of the mine bearing gold or debris – and you can see this cart too, which allows you to go for the maximum bet or choose the amount of lines that you would like to cover.

It has all been put together in a very clever way – and you will even see that the symbols which are in use on the reels all line up in order to provide the impression of a story which is being told from the lowest paying symbol up to the highest. You will see images such as the very first stages of mining as a pickaxe begins to dig into the wall of the mine, then a cart full of debris being taken out of the mine, then a nugget of gold being discovered and weighed to discover how much it is worth, and the gold being melted down so that it can be poured into a mould, and the finished product of the gold bars being counted up with the stamp of ownership on them. This way you can follow the mining process right the way through from beginning to end!

One of the great things about the Gold Rush game is the fact that it all comes together in one space, with the sound effects and the background music also being included to give you a fantastic game environment in which to play. You can really lose yourself in this game and put everything else to one side for a while, which will absolutely allow you to get the most possible entertainment out of it every single time that you come back in order to play it again and again for the chance to get that big jackpot prize.

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