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Money Wheel

Money Wheel

There are a few different variations of the Money Wheel kind of game to be found on the internet, but they are often done in different styles and so it is important to focus on one that we can really talk about in detail and describe to you in full. One great example is the version that you will find at casinos running The Art of Games software, as they always go the extra mile with their casino games and really present something that looks amazing as well as offering great game play along with it.

When you get in to the Money Wheel game environment, you will see a huge wheel laid out above a betting table complete with chips and coloured squares on which you can place your bets. You will also have chips of your own to one side of the screen, which you can click on and drag across to put them on the betting table – and you can keep an eye on how much you are betting on the left hand side of the screen, where you will be able to read what your balance is, what the value of each chip that you are placing is, how much of a total bet you have place, and how much you have won if you do win when you play.

There are also icons in the middle of this area at the bottom of the screen which will allow you to spin when you are satisfied with your bet, clear your bet if you have changed your mind, or simply rebet if you just want to carry on with the course that you have already started to take. You will see the minimum and maximum bets that you can make on a sign next to the betting table so that you know your limits, and when you are ready to go you can get the game started! When the wheel does spin round you will hear a clicking noise as it goes into place, followed by an announcer telling you what the winning number was – and this is when you will get your payout if you have won. When everything has been finished off, you will hear the same voice instructing you to place your bets – though you can also turn the sound off if you find it irritating or unnecessary.

The overall look of the Money Wheel game is fairly realistic, and though it would not perhaps quite convince if you were looking at a photograph in comparison it has certainly been done in a very slick and accomplished way. The environment they have designed around the wheel is fantastic too – you will see green striped wallpaper behind it as well as two plants on either side to give a bit of drama to the way it looks, which certainly suits the way that a flashy land based casino might decide to present things in order to raise a bit more interest there.

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