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Monopoly Here and Now

Monopoly Here and Now

One of the things that WagerWorks have certainly proven to be good at is tie-ins with other games of different forms, and the Monopoly Here and Now game is one of their most successful examples of this. It is just one of the various Monopoly spin off slot machines that they offer, as they have managed to make a real series out of these games thanks to the fact that a lot of people really enjoy playing them and this has driven the demand for them higher across the internet.

There are twenty pay lines that you can cover across the five reels of the Monopoly Here and Now slot game, and you will see a lot of imagery that you recognise from the game itself here: there is of course the main logo of the game which features the old man character with his top hat and cane in his tuxedo bursting out of the “o” in the middle of Monopoly, just as you would find in the centre of any of their board games too. In the background you can make out the skyscrapers of a city as well as some bursts of fireworks, setting the scene for the theme of the game! To either side of the title logo you will see extra features: on one side is the free parking symbol, where you will see the amount increasing as you move up towards a bigger win on that bonus, and on the other side is a representation of the board game itself in green to tell you the details of the board bonus.

Here you can see that your win corresponds to your bet: if you have one coin bet it corresponds to one apartment, two coins are two apartments, and so on until you get the five coins, which make up a hotel. The board bonus will be triggered by symbols which show a pair of dice and those words in one of the squares on the reels, so you will know when you are about to go into this round! Other symbols that you will see include the wild, which is once again represented by the man who serves as the mascot for the game, with his arms thrown open in celebration and fireworks going off in the sky behind him as he brings you some better matches and bigger wins.

The other symbols that you will see in the Monopoly Here and Now slot game all relate to the board game itself. For example, you will see things like airports represented by a flying plane, utilities represented by a satellite dish, property represented by a red, yellow, and blue property card as well as hotels and apartments, and the title of the game itself with the old man in a red sports car. Then there are card denomination symbols linked to the playing pieces that you use, such as an A with the racing car and so forth.

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