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Tomb Raider slot

Tomb Raider Slot

One of the things that Microgaming can do very well is tie ins, and the Tomb Raider Slot have a connection to both the video games and the movie franchise that spawned from them, following the heroine and titular character Lara Croft as she goes about finding rare and precious items in places filled with danger, lots of enemies trying to get the items before her, and the occasional rabid monkey which must be shot down before it attacks with tooth and claw. Not for the faint hearted, it is an incredibly popular series and that is reflected in how popular the slots have also been.

You will find that there are now several different incarnations of the Tomb Raider Slot thanks to the fact that they have really taken off and become very popular, but the original game used a traditional form of graphics in regards to Lara herself, showing her in the more blocky format that was used in her games for many years. It has five reels and fifteen pay lines, and you can still find it available to play at a lot of different casinos because it has managed to remain popular for all of this time.

The lowest paying symbols that you will find on the reels are those which use a more traditional slot machine format, going for the playing card denominations of A, K, Q, J, and 10, though the slot still gives them its own special twist by putting them into the font which is used for the Tomb Raider logo and title. Next up you will find a crouching tiger who looks just about ready to leap at you and attack, of the kind that you are likely to come across during the games if you guide Lara through the jungle; then there is an image of Lara herself with all of her trademark accessories – the pistol holsters on her legs, the pistols themselves, the blue shirt, the shorts, the fingerless gloves, the sunglasses, and the single braid flying over her shoulder – crouching down as she drops into a small space, ready to fight; then there is one of the complicated designs which always turns out to be the key to opening up a secret chamber when everything lines up just correctly; and there are also three special symbols to go through on top of this list.

The free spins symbol in the Tomb Raider Slot is Lara herself with her two pistols crossed across her chest, and when you find three or more of them scattered across the reels you will find yourself with ten free spins as well as a bonus payout, during which all wins are tripled. There is also a bonus round which can be triggered by an idol statue and which takes you to a room where you have to pick the right idols to get a payout, as well as a wild symbol which is represented by the title of the game.

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