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German Mobile Gaming to Double

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There are plenty of estimates floating around about the iGaming industry at the moment, and with good reason – it is a very exciting market at the moment, with different opportunities opening up all around the world. Fans of Gladiator Casino online or similar establishments can certainly expect to see the majority of them going mobile if they have not done so already, as all of the speculation only points to one thing: that this market will continue to grow and grow. The latest reports are concerned with Germany, in the area where it is just starting to take off on a real scale.

Predictions which have been made by the German online and mobile casino company Online Casino Deutschland have stated that the mobile gambling market in the country may as much as double by 2015. This is a huge amount, and of course they would not make such a wild statement without cause. The statistics are already impressive: the online and mobile markets in Germany have already seen significant growth over the past year, with the mobile market in particular currently experiencing as much as a nineteen per cent growth per year. Another statement which the firm has put forth is that they expecting Germany to be a huge contributor when the mobile gaming revenue each year manages to reach an estimated $12 billion in 2014, as the predictions are also suggesting. It seems that the number of smartphone users has increased by thirty per cent year on year across Europe, which has certainly managed to contribute to the rise in mobile gambling, as a larger group of people in general is able to get access to the games. It seems as though we are now seeing the amount of people who are using a smartphone or tablet in Europe on a daily basis passing the fifty per cent mark for the first time.

“Users have discovered that the convenience and portability of mobile gaming is unrivalled and this type of entertainment has quickly become a popular pastime due to its instant accessibility,” a spokesperson for the gaming company said. “The large volume of casino sites that offer mobile-optimised gaming are testament to the public demand and the continual growth of the mobile revolution is driven by smartphone and tablet popularity merged with the easy availability of top quality entertainment. The development of safe, secure and reliable mobile sites has encouraged German players to switch to portable alternatives and analysts predict that the mobile gaming market will double within the next three years. It’s evident that Germany has established itself as a leader in the mobile gaming market and analysts agree further growth is to be expected as the industry is still evolving.” It seems as though we are certainly going to continue seeing a lot of exciting new developments in the industry as time goes on, since there are now the opportunities for more customers to be found in many emerging markets worldwide.

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