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Poker Joined by Football Superstars

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There is shortly going to be a live charity poker tournament which everyone is getting excited about, as there will be sports superstars from all around the world taking part. We already know that the world tennis number one, Rafael Nadal, is interested in playing online poker thanks to the fact that he has given his own celebrity endorsements to online poker games, but now he’s being joined by two football legends in the form of the ex-Brazilian striker Ronaldo and Ukrainian player Andriy Shevchenko. Both of them will be appearing in Prague, in a tournament which is set to be a big event.

The European Poker Tournament is not the first time that Ronaldo has shown his love for poker, as he is also taken part in the European Poker Tour in Barcelona previously as well as the Brazil Series of Poker. Ronaldo explained that “it’s one of the few opportunities that I have to take on Rafa and the other athletes on a level playing field. We are all sports professionals, but in completely different fields, and in poker is the level playing ground on which we can all compete fairly.” Other famous sports figures who have already said that they are going to take part include the Italian skier Alberto Tomba, the Dutch Olympic field hockey gold medallist Fatima Moreira de Melo, and one of the most acclaimed poker players in the world, Daniel Negreanu. He is this year’s most feted player, and so it seems absolutely appropriate that he should be taking part in this game alongside all of the other superstars who are very well known within their own sporting fields. A spokesperson from the online poker site Super Casino spoke out about the event, saying: “It’s great to see people like Ronaldo have agreed to the event, as it not only raises the profile of poker itself but the charities involved. With some of the world’s most impressive and competitive sports stars competing against each other, we’re expecting to see some interesting games and one or two surprises along the way as well!”

We can expect some big games for sure as a result of a big charity match up such as this one, so if you’re excited to hear about what the celebrities have managed to achieve and who amongst them is the best player of them all then you should keep your ear to the ground over the next few days as the tournament begins to take shape. We are certainly expecting big things from those such as Ronaldo and Nadal who have already made their name in some way in this field, so make sure that you take the time to look them up if you want to see who has been able to take the grand prize and donate the most to their chosen charity as a result of their fantastic skills at the poker table – and dream of facing them yourself sometime in the future!

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