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Sunday is the lucky day… Online casino players had to have some patience: Jackpots were nowhere to be seen and the lucky feeling slightly vanished and turned into disappointment till the week finally came to an end on Sunday. On Sunday, something magical happened. One lucky player could hardly believe his eyes. In a Vegas Online Casino, the Island Stud Poker game played in favor for the gambler and sent him back to work on Monday morning with $69,450 more in his pockets.

The last couple of weeks have been quite rough or should we rather say dry for online gamblers. The games did not run lucky; the payouts were only of minor sort. “We could see that the players were getting frustrated,” said one of the online casino executives regretfully. But now everybody got rejuvenated thanks to the big hit on Sunday evening.

Sunday seems to be a good day for playing at online casinos. Statistics show that the chances for winning are much higher on the seventh day of the week. Lots of people use their day off for recreational purposes such as online gambling.

Lots of the jackpots that have been hit lately at online casinos have come from the popular video poker games. These games offer a wide range of winning opportunities. The players have the option to hit a royal flush or other high ranked combinations for big payouts.

Apart from the big poker jackpot hit on Sunday there have been a considerable amount of slot game jackpots also. Some major slot tournaments will start soon which could lead to less people playing outside the tournament.

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