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Ladbrokes Prepares Poker Network Move


Ladbrokes broke headlines recently when they announced that they were going to move their online poker client off the Microgaming Poker Network, commonly known as MPN, and onto the iPoker Network created by mobile gaming company Playtech. They first announced this decision back in March 2013, which seems a phenomenally long time ago for them to have not yet made the move, but it seems as though they have finally set the date for the 21st of this month in what seems to be a decisive preparation towards making the switch at long last now that the transition’s details have been finalised.

The news was not launched through a press release or statement, but rather was spotted on the Ladbrokes poker client itself, as they updated their Frequently Asked Questions page to say that the move was going to be taking place on the 21st – clearly as an indication of the fact that many of their players are very keen indeed to find out just what is going on and when it is all going to happen to them. There is not expected to be much in the way of disruption from the move, though of course the systems and games which are available to players are going to change dramatically: all player accounts will be transferred in full, including account balances, loyalty points, and active bonuses. However, any tournament tickets or tokens are going to be converted to a cash value because of the fact that they are part of the in house system at MPN, so if you have any of those left over it is worth thinking about using them up if you can before the move is completed so that you get the full use out of them which you intended to have. Otherwise, you must settle for the cash exchange which has already been organised.

In addition to this, you may be thinking about your VIP status and how this will be affected. There may be an exciting and unexpected bonus for some players in this area, as the plans are to give any players who have achieved a VIP level within the last 12 months on Ladbrokes to enter the iPoker Network at the highest level that they got to in those 12 months. This means that if you were at a higher level that has now lapsed, you will get the chance to start off there again, which means fantastic options for those who were not able to maintain a high level. In addition, the casino games which are used by Ladbrokes are going to remain with Microgaming until at least the Spring of 2014, though it is not clear of an exact date or whether they are going to renew that contract or move elsewhere. We will of course bring you more updates on that subject as and when we hear about them, so make sure to keep an eye on what we are posting here this year.

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