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Microgaming’s New Casino Games


Microgaming, the leading online gambling software provider has announced today via a press release that they plan to release a number of exciting new online casino games this month. The company claims these games are their most innovative to date and are offering something completely different to the players at Microgaming online casinos. These games will be made available via the Microgaming Flash platforms, and through their new initiative QuickFire. For those wondering, QuickFire is a new system which allows online casinos access a certain small selection of Microgaming productions without the requirement of leasing the complete software package. We fully expect this to also be available via the downloadable client, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The first new game goes by the name Hexaline, and is described as “an ‘alternative slot’ style game where players aim to complete a colored chain of adjacent hexagons from left to right on the honeycomb grid”. After payouts are made all of the winning blocks are then replaced with new, random blocks. Should the new arrangement of blocks result in a winning combination, then the player is awarded with fresh payouts. Similarly to other online slot games, Hexaline features a bonus mode. Three or more bonus symbols result in a Gold Trail Bonus game being activated. The player must choose hexagons with the objective of moving towards the right side of the grid, each pick adding to the win until the symbol for End Bonus is selected.

Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition is the second new game being announced. This is Microgaming’s third Multi-Player casino game, and is the first one of which isn’t an online slot. Premier Roulette simulates a live casino environment, giving players the opportunity to play roulette with each other. Players can place bets alongside other real human beings. Online roulette players who want to follow the same wagering pattern that lucky players, so in Multi-Player mode it is possible to work out one’s strategy and compete to be the biggest winner at the table, just like in a real casino. There are three unique tables to choose from, including the 20, 40, and 60 second tables. Players may choose an avatar before taking a seat, and chat with other players as they would in a physical casino.

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