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Microgaming Launching Avalon II


If you have ever played on the slot machine games at leading online casinos such as the Blackjack Ballroom online then you do not need us to tell you about just how fantastic Microgaming’s software is. Their online casino games often attract a lot of attention, as do their land-based slot machines, and so it is with a lot of excitement that we can reveal that they have recently announced that they are going to launch a sequel to one of their most successful titles, Avalon. The game is going to be launched at the ICE Totally Gaming 2014 event, and is going to be entitled Avalon II: The Quest For The Grail.

The five reel slot machine game will have 243 ways to win, and the world of Avalon which it explores will be brought to life by 3-D animations and graphics, being portrayed through the use of tapestry, classically painted environments, and sound effects which tie everything together. There are going to be eight rounds of gameplay in which players will be joined by such popular figures from myth as Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere, and Morgan le Fay. It is sure to be a fantastic title if their original game is anything to go by, and Microgaming are known for bringing in innovation and high-quality to all of the projects which they undertake, we can certainly suggest that that is going to be the case. The game will also feature a new Grail Bonus which is designed to provide longevity, giving players the chance to reforge Excalibur, spin the Wheel of Fortune, and defeat the infamous Black Knight in order to recover the Grail and make their fortune. It is going to raise a lot of excitement when it is launched, but for now we are going to have to stick to the tantalising details which they have already revealed and await the preview with bated breath.

The event is going to be held at ExCeL in London very early on in February, so it is not too far away and we can soon expect to hear the details and even see video from the slot game which will give you something a little bit more concrete to look forward to. In the meantime, all that has been released so far is simply a piece of graphic art displaying the title of the game which is designed to get players excited about what is going to happen when it comes out for real and what kind of gameplay it is going to provide. Though it will follow the kind of theme which we saw in the first game, we cannot expect it to be exactly the same, and indeed it should provide a much needed upgrade to the features and indeed the state-of-the-art technology which is used to bring it right up to date with their other games. Plenty of other popular slot games have received sequels in the past, such as their most popular game, Mega Moolah.

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