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Mobile Predictions for the Future

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We are used to seeing increasingly impressive predictions and figures when it comes to the current statistics around mobile gambling. However, there are still a large percentage of sites such as the Brits Casino online which do not have their own mobile versions, and it does not seem as though the operators of such sites are hugely concerned about the fact that they do not have the kind of format that their rivals are launching left right and centre. However, recent estimations suggest that they should be getting concerned – as we may see around 100 million mobile players more by 2018 if current predictions are to be believed.

There are currently around 64 million people who access games through their mobiles or tablets, at least part of the time, and a recent study which was conducted by Juniper Research has put the added estimation that by 2018 that number will have grown by an extra 100 million more. Much of that increase is down to the expected opening up of the US market, which at the moment is mostly closed off to real cash gaming through mobile, but is opening up very quickly as a lot of online casino sites based in the US and indeed U.S.-based players catch onto the idea and decide to give it a try for themselves. The research which they have conducted suggests that users are likely to use their mobiles or tablets to place bets on sports, play mobile casino games or poker games, and above all place bets in all kinds of ways. More and more sites are already starting to develop sophisticated apps which can put their own software into a mobile format, with leading industry sites like William Hill mobile, bet365 mobile, and Winner Casino mobile already seeing fantastic results from their offerings.

The majority of phones now sold across the world are smart phones, which have bigger screens, smoother graphics, and the ability to connect to the Internet through a smart web browser. This means that it is easier than ever to play web games on a mobile, as you can download apps and in some cases even just visit the site to find a mobile version of it already available. This makes it easier than ever before to play new set of online casino games through your mobile, and this is very similar to the experience of playing on a PC or laptop thanks to the fact that the graphics and screens answers are just getting much better. It is widely accepted that the relaxation of rules and the USA will soon allow residents to play at many mobile casino site is the first time, with another report having indicated that in the US alone, mobile gambling turnover could be expected to reach around $100 billion by 2017, which is a very high estimate and makes this an extremely important market. Many online casinos, sports books, and poker rooms are expecting to earn 50% of their revenue from mobile users within the next year or so.

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