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If you are looking for an alternative that you can use on your mobile when you are not able to get onto the City Club Casino online or a similar gambling site, then there are always plenty of social mobile gaming apps out there which you can choose from. The social casino studio Diwip has just launched their second mobile gaming app, titled Best Casino Bingo, and it is the first bingo product which the Tel Aviv-based company has produced for iOS and Android devices, so they are breaking new ground with this latest release.

It is currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, so you can find it right away if you are thinking about trying it, and it features plenty of exciting elements such as player on player challenges. It ranks the top three players for every game, which allows you to collect and share achievements, giving you something to really aim for in order to get great results. The head of Android development for Diwip is Igor Bogachev, and when discussing many release he said that the Alp was developed with a focus on user experience, aiming to create an experience which is as engaging as it possibly can be for the players. “We made it as colorful, friendly, and as fun as possible and you really see and feel it when you play,” said Bogachev. This is merely the second mobile app which has been released by the studio, with their original Slots Club going live in August, so they are really making big steps forward and making a name for themselves in the industry. The chief technical officer Yaniv Gamzo remarked that while he was proud of the first product they had released, he feels that this new one is a new benchmark for the company.

The company’s founder and chief product officer Udi Kantzuker added that Diwip had looked to create a “classic, clean” experience which was different to the “cluttered” products on currently available the market. He said that despite this more basic approach, the game was still social, challenging for all of the players, and “extremely fun.” Diwip was founded in 2010, and since then has been the target of acquisition bids from such big names as Playtech and the owners of PokerStars, Rational Group. When these acquisition bids failed to come to fruition, Playtech eventually took the option of poaching the company’s original chief executive officer Dan Wiegenfeld, who now serves as the head of social gaming for the supplier. If nothing else, this should give you an indication of the quality of the output which they are creating, as the best names in the business are trying to get their hands on what they are able to produce – and this is not something that many social casino brands can say, as there are so many out there that it often becomes difficult to differentiate between one or another unless they have produced something exceptional.

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