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It is more than likely that you have seen some form of casino advertising, whether it is a web banner declaring the best promotion which is currently at King Casino online, a television spot telling you about the latest bingo site, or even direct mail to your email address from a partner site that you have given your details to. If you live in Atlantic City at the moment, then you are sure to learn even more about online gambling than you ever have, as there is a marketing blitz taking place at the moment which is trenching the whole of New Jersey in advertising for the online casinos which have just gone live.

If you turn on the television or radio, look at the Internet, visit a news website, drive on a major highway and after billboard, or even Gateway shopping mall and come face-to-face with marketing group, you’ll hear all about the new online casinos which are ready to accept visitors. This marketing blitz has been orchestrated by the casinos in Atlantic City as well as the online gaming companies which are behind them, and it is a real sign of how important Internet gaming is for the state. It is certainly can be considered to be the single most significant expansion of gambling since the opening of the first casino in 1978, and it is particularly important right now at several casinos there are starting to struggle. This market is struggling to survive, and with many competitive on the Internet already, it is important for the casinos which are regulated within the state to try their hardest to attract as many players as possible before they had elsewhere. “They are using every angle — every traditional media angle they can,” said Donald Hoover, an expert on the casino industry and a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “They are spending a lot of money advertising.” And the current adverts are only for the sites which apparently live – with many more are expected to come soon, this marketing blitz is not going to go away any time soon.

Caesars Entertainment are expected to launch their online casino site facing, and when they do, they are not going to go easy. “We will empty out our pockets in marketing dollars in 2014 and sort of judge things a year from now,” said Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Caesars. The trouble which advertisers are facing at the moment is the fact that they are not just marketing a brand-new product, but in fact a whole brand-new industry, which has only been around for a couple of months and has its own unique draws which the previous online casino industry did not have. Some of the television adverts, such as those which are being run by Betfair and the Tramp Plaza casino at the moment, even have to explain to the viewers just how online gaming works, so that they can figure out exactly what it is they are being marketed.

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