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There have always been two options when it comes to playing poker. You can get to the single player games at a site such as Casino Las Vegas online to go up against a dealer, or you can try the multiplayer games at an online poker network. However, a software designer in California has just developed a new online poker game, which does not require you to go to a casino poker network at all – because of the fact that it will not be considered gambling, thanks to an innovative new twist that they have added.

Arthur Pfeiffer has developed his own version of the game called Texas Block ‘em, in which luck is removed by the game because players are required to choose their own cards instead of just playing the cards which have been dealt to them. The game is very similar to Texas hold ‘em in all ways except for the fact that you get to choose a hole cards, and if two players choose the same card then that card becomes blocked and they will have to choose again. Pfeiffer said, “In regular poker, each player relies heavily on the fixed laws of mathematics to calculate the probability that the cards dealt will give him a winning hand.In Texas Block ’Em, each player relies heavily on his sense of human psychology in reading opponents to determine the probability that he can pick the right cards for a winning hand.” This is a very interesting concept, as it means that you have to think about your opponents more than about the actual cards, and those who enjoy playing poker because of the fact it allows them to analyse their opponents and try to figure out what they are thinking certainly going to enjoy this one all the more.

The fact that the randomness of hole cards has been removed from the game has legal experts convinced that the new poker game will be allowed to be played even in places where online gambling laws state that you should not be playing at the Internet. This means that anyone around world will be able to play for real money as soon as the game has been ruled out, with absolutely no restrictions the matter where you are. It also does not need to be played on a real online casino or in a jurisdiction which has afforded the site license, because of the fact that it will not really be gambling at all. This is not a game of luck, but rather than skill, and so it is simply the person who is better in the game that is going to walk away with the prize. You can think of it instead as a competition where the person who gets the highest score at the end of the game wins the cash, so in that sense it is just like the tournaments which gamers take part in with popular games such as Street Fighter.

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