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Social Casinos and Female Gamblers

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There is a lot of interesting information which can be gleaned from looking into the habits of those who gamble over the internet, and in particular this information can be useful for those who are operators of big online casino sites such as the Winpalace Casino. If you have ever wondered how they decide what their site should look like or which games to have on offer, it is all down to market research – and so the latest findings which have come from the Social Casino Index are sure to get a lot of marketers thinking hard about their next moves.

Social gambling is still a relatively new aspect of the online gambling industry, but this does not mean that it does not have the power to grow hugely and very fast – as it has done over the last couple of years, and continues to do now. With Facebook and other social media platforms providing the perfect place for people to play as many games as they like, while connecting with their friends and others from around the world, it seems that the popularity of this trend is only going to rise – and some interesting statistics about who it is that takes part in these social gambling games have been found in the Social Casino Index. In the USA, it has been indicated that the principal demographic taking part in social gambling are women who are between the ages of 45 and 55, with 30% more chips per session played by the female gamblers. They tend to bet around 10 million chips on average, while for male players the figure is closer to 7.6 million. This really indicates a rise in female players, and is perhaps different to the figures which we would expect to see for the normal online casinos which do not have social aspects.

John Clelland, Vice President of Global Marketing at IGT Interactive Group, said: “As the world’s largest virtual social casino, we are always seeking to better understand our players and their preferences. The Social Casino Index gives the gaming industry a truly detailed look at social casino player preferences for the first time. It’s also fascinating to look into the similarities and differences in our players from coast to coast.” Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Jackpot247 – who are online gambler providers of games such as roulette and video poker – said: “Though it has become more and more clear in recent years that women are as interesting in internet gambling as men are, it’s useful to see numbers that confirm these suspicions. Social casino games have opened up the world of online gambling to more people, and the findings of the Social Casino Index are very illuminating in this regard.” It may well be that we start to see more casinos which are designed to appeal to women on the social media structure from now on, as operators attempt to exploit this bias in the market to their own requirements for more publicity.

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