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Study Predicts US Growth

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A new study has come to light which appears to predict massive growth in the US online gambling market, as online casino sites such as the Royal Ace Casino online continue to attract a lot of new players and to impress those who expect the highest quality of gambling whenever they play. It is already for that knowledge that the online gambling market around the world is huge and shows no signs of stopping, but the growth in the US in particular is very interesting the moment because of the recent changes in regulations and what they have meant for different states across the country.

With certain states already beginning to legislate and license their own online casinos, and several more looking poised to join them, it seems clear that the industry there can only continue to grow. A new study has now made the prediction that the market may manage to hit as much as a yearly worth of $2 billion in less than a decade from now, so long as it is allowed to continue to grow at the rate which it has already achieved. This is a huge figure, and it indicates just why so many operators are very keen to get involved and to ensure that they can become part of this burgeoning market, trying to get the first licences which are available rather than waiting until later on when the market already contain plenty of competitors. Currently, licences are only being handed out in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, but there is already murmurings that California may follow suit very soon so long as everything goes ahead smoothly, and Indian tribes are making movements in the correct direction to try and get their own licences under a separate jurisdiction in the same way that their land-based casinos on Indian reservation land are often governed under different laws.

If the prediction made by this report is accurate, which it may well be, then we should expect to see plenty of growth within the market over the next 5 to 10 years. One of the main sectors in which we are certain to see expansion is the mobile sector, which has already been predicted to take more than a quarter of the total online casino bets for most companies which run both kinds of gambling services by the end of 2014. If it turns out that this is indeed the case, then gambling revenues should rise from the increased use of smart phones and tablets to gamble, particularly as we are seeing more and more people getting their hands on these devices as time goes on. Not only that, but we can also expect more markets to open up within the US itself; in just one year three states have opened up gambling licensing processes, so within the next nine or ten years we can absolutely expect to see more getting in on the action. All that remains is the excitement of waiting to see when and where it will happen.

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