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Switch Poker Launch Announced

Gold Ranch Casino

Switch Poker has just been launched as a new online poker room for players to enjoy, with the introduction of a new online poker network which will be available through mobile and will focus on the mobile player and operators that serve them. If you are tired of playing against amateurs at the Gold Ranch Casino or even not being able to play against other players at all, then joining a new online poker network might be the best possible option for you, as the skill level of new players at these kinds of sites tends to be lower on average than those which are better established, giving you the chance to find your feet and perhaps get some real cash into the bargain.

This latest development means that anyone who wishes to launch their own mobile optimised web poker room can do so with their leading edge software, and not only that, but it is free to use. This means that you can create a fully customisable product with worldwide real money no limit cash hold ‘em games, which is a real difference from other online poker networks and is sure to make it a popular choice for those who are trying to keep the budget in line. The setup process is automated, which means that if you want to create your new online poker site it will be functional within just a few hours, and the Poker Network pays out a 30 to 70% revenue share to those who use it. There are highly trained customer support staff at the Switch Poker Network will take care of all the customer support queries for you on your behalf, as well as detailed data analytics which will be available to operators so that they can get some real insight into the site and their players performance, allowing them to optimise it for the best results.

They have already been a few companies who have successfully created skins on this new network, such as Part Time Poker and Kings&Queens Poker, so look out for more and more sites popping up as time goes on. Switch Poker has been an operations is October 2010 itself, and was designed specifically for iPhone and iPad players, with the option to allow multi-tabling on up to 4 tables on the same screen making it a very unique mobile poker site. Now that the same software is available to any operators who wish to use them, it is going to be very interesting to see what people do with it, and how they will differentiate from the Switch Poker set up. It will also be interesting to see whether the player statistics at Switch Poker software, as players jump ship to go to try out the new skins on the same network, or whether they will in fact gain more players as a result of the added publicity and the best in reputation that this is sure to give them both as operators and as a skin.

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