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Two New Slots for NetBet


We all love a good slot machine game, and with plenty being released from a range of different online casino developers every single month, but is often easy to find your next new title. If you have been playing at a site such as the Slot Madness Casino online which does not update its offerings and you are looking to try something new, then you could always had over to NetBet Casino, where they are continually updating their slot machine lists and they have in fact just added two new titles very recently. These are the Dungeons and Dragons game as well as Cluedo, both of which are based on popular games of a different variety.

Dungeons and Dragons has been created by International Game Technology and has five reels and twenty pay lines, and is of course based upon the popular game which has players exploring and adventuring mythical lands following a series of set of rules which mean that your characters are limited by the abilities which their class gives them. There are plenty of fantastic features on the slot machine game which will have you playing it for hours on end, such as free spins which will appear and be played at the triggering bet when you match up the D & D logo, scatter symbols which give you the chance to win a little bit extra, and a wild symbol which gives you the chance to make more matches. There is a huge jackpot included with the game, and you will have to until you discover the hidden treasure in the fortress which will give you a payout beyond your wildest dreams. This game is a lot of fun, particularly for those who enjoy Dungeons and Dragons itself, and you will see plenty of fantastic symbols based on mythical elements such as the characters that you might use to play the game.

The other new game is of course Cluedo, and this is based upon the popular detective game in which you must try and figure out who murdered the central character, what they used to kill him with, and which room it occurred in. With five reels and fifteen pay lines to cover in the slot machine game, you will find several of the characters that you would recognise from the boardgame such as Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet. You will also see some weapons such as the candlestick, the revolver, and the lead pipe, all of which should remind you of the game itself and all of the elements that you know and love from it. You can find plenty of bonuses which will give you free sessions to spin the reels and try and find out as much as you can about the murderer, as well as symbols which will increase your winnings either through substituting or through scatter wins. What is more, a huge jackpot waits for you if you do manage to solve the crime once and for all.

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