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Unibet Leaves Microgaming Poker


The online gambling operators Unibet have recently announced that they are going to be taking their online poker site off the Microgaming poker network, normally known as MPN, in order to become a standalone poker product which is not part of any other existing network, allowing themselves the chance to provide something a little bit more unique for their players. They have also announced that they have commissioned the Estonian solutions company, Relax Gaming, to create the exclusive poker software which they will be using to move their brand onto as soon as it is ready to go live.

The head of gaming at Unibet, Daniel Eskola, explained:, “The environment in the online poker industry has changed over the years and we have come to the insight that being part of a poker network is not sustainable for Unibet in the long term. This project has given us the possibility to start from a blank piece of paper and define everything we believe is important for a fun poker experience. In a way, our goal is to bring the fun back to poker by creating software with a clear focus on the casual player.” It will certainly be interesting for poker players to take a look at what they have on offer, when the new product goes live, as it sounds as though they are going all out to create something which is different from what the market already provides – though of course it is worth remembering that there are in reality only so many directions that an online poker site can take, and so we are likely to see a similar format to others in areas such as the look and feel of the tables themselves, the multitabling abilities, and even the poker varieties which are available to be played in cash game or tournament formats.

Eskola added, “Our relationship with Microgaming remains strong, and we are continuing to offer Quickfire games in our casino.” This will no doubt reassure those who love the Microgaming slot games and were feeling a bit worried about the idea of them being taken out of the online casino offering! It has been disclosed by the two companies that Unibet are also going to make an investment of 1.2 million Euros in the Relax Gaming enterprise in return for a stake in the business, although it has not been made clear how much of the company this means that Unibet now owns. This was understood to be part of the arrangement which came along with developing the software, so it can perhaps be presumed that the leading team at Unibet wanted to be sure that they could guarantee some creative control as well as stability for the future, leaving no chance for Relax Gaming to develop them a product and then leave them to deal with it for themselves rather than developing any updates or upgrades for the future. They will also share in profits from the success of the product.

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