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In the USA at the moment, there is much debate about the arrival of online gambling in a legalised sense and the licensing of new online casino sites which is going on in states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. However, online casino developers such as Real Time Gaming may soon have another target to deal with, as there are murmurings of the idea of online casino gambling being brought to life by the tribal casinos which already exist throughout the country and which generally exist outside of normal state rules where gambling is concerned.

Technology today has made sure that Internet betting is safer, more exciting, and more convenient than it ever has been. The industry is only getting larger, and with many jurisdictions split across the USA, there are plenty of options for those who wish to license their own USA casino sites. The travel sector currently consists of 460 different land-based gambling facilities across twenty-eight different states, and Americans are already spending around $4 billion on online gambling instead. Now, the 240 Indian tribes in the US are starting to look towards getting some of that action for themselves, by launching their own online gambling sites and giving them an option to play through branded software which is linked to land-based casinos just as those in the three participating states already are. There is a tribe in California in particular which is well on the way towards producing the first travel online gambling option, as the Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe have already begun to develop their own software. On top of this, there has been action from the Cheyenne and Araphao Tribes in Oklahoma, who are looking to target gamblers from outside the United States to play on their software, and there have been preparations from the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians in the midwest so that they will be able to take advantage of regulated online betting when it arrives.

The federal government in the USA recognises tribes as their own independent sovereign nation, and this means that the gambling businesses which they run are generally exempt from the usual federal and state laws about income taxes and local property taxes. Some tribes already have agreements with states such as California, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin sharing revenues with the government in exchange for keeping any private casinos from being built within the state. Tribal councils are currently debating online gambling at length, with some looking positively at the idea of launching their own sites while others worried that online gambling will start to take revenue away from the established land-based casino industry which they rely on for their sources of income. It remains to be seen how many of them will try to launch their own bids from money casino gambling, but what we do know so far is that bad California and tried have already partnered with Great Luck to put together their own Internet gambling platform.

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