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We always like to explore new software, even if it is just software that is new to us rather than new to the market. One of the online casino software developers that we have not featured before is WGS Technology who are behind the popular Miami Club Casino, and have been running for more than ten years now. They have more than 100 games available, most of them of course being slot machine games, and they also run their own progressive jackpot network which guarantees that a set percentage will end up in the hands of players each time.

The software that they run is free and easy to download of course, meaning that anyone can use it, although it only works with Windows operating systems and not with Mac computers. It has been audited fully for the percentage payouts and their fair gaming, so they have authorisation now from organisations such as Certified Fair Gambling. The operators which use their software gain a comp pensive platform, including an instant play game client, and a back-office management system which means that players will always have the support that they need. They also give their operators help with marketing, cash processing, risk management, and management of the affiliate programs which they use, so all in all it is a good package which can be used to help set up any good online casino. They will certainly allow for a lot of development too, and they often bring in new games so that everyone has something to try which will help them to keep interest high. This is very important for those who want to keep players for the long-term, as players can become bored if they do not have fresh content being added on a regular basis and new updates to the system.

If you take a look at the example of the Miami Club Casino which is run using the software, you can see that they have a lot of flexibility and can be used in great ways. That particular online casino has a lot of regular online slot game tournaments, on a daily basis, as well as larger events which have bigger prize pools, taking advantage of their large range of slots. You can also see a large range of regular promotions which they are running in order to be sure that everyone always has the chance to get free cash into their account, which again is another way to ensure that players remain active for the long term rather than allowing their accounts to lapse after a while. The overall design of the site is stunning and is run very smoothly, and by this you can see that there are a lot of ways in which the WGS Technology system can be put to good use in order to create a playing environment which will appeal to a large range of players and create a feeling of luxury to attract those who only want the best.

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