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William Hill Closes Miapuesta

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William Hill have recently announced their intentions to shut down the online gambling brand Miapuesta, shortly after acquiring it for themselves. Most people tend to stick with their favourite online casino site such as Golden Cherry Casino without any thought that they might one day be shut down, but the reality is that casinos which do not perform very well often fade out of existence. In this case, however, it is not that the brand is not performing well enough – it is that William Hill wish to make sure that they can keep all of their brands under the same umbrella by reopening a similar site under their own name.

The UK-based gambling group has been looking to break into different markets throughout Europe for a while now, and they acquired the Sporting Bet group recently for £459 million. This included all of their subsidiaries and different sites, one of which was the Spanish online gambling site Miapuesta. This was one of the big pushes into the Spanish market which they could have used to try to extend their brand, but apparently they prefer to do so under their own name rather than just collecting revenues from existing site, as they are discontinuing the brand in order to bring Spanish operations under the William Hill name. It seems as though the transition to the William Hill brand will be a gradual process, and if you have been paying attention to what they are doing in Australia with their new acquisitions then you will see that it is going to be a similar process to that. They will be putting all of their new acquisitions eventually under a single strong group banned in order to bring them in line with company policy and make sure that anyone who plays at their sites knows exactly which brand they are using.

The former Sporting Bet chief of the Australian operations is Michael Sullivan, and he has remained on board following the acquisition of the brand by William Hill, so it seems as though he is keeping a watchful eye on everything that is happening to make sure that the brand that he built is not utterly destroyed. It makes sense to change the branding and the names to William Hill now that they are the owners of everything, but what is important is that they do not destroy the loyal customer base which has already been built up there through Sporting Bet’s hard efforts. In all cases, it seems as though William Hill are certainly making a strong attempt to consolidate all the brands which they have acquired recently and to put them under that same umbrella, which perhaps indicates a plan for the future which will see them expanding even further and perhaps acquiring more companies which might help them to put out a presence in different markets around Europe in other countries where they are not yet as strong as they are in the UK.

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